Dyno Service And Tuning
We have a load bearing dyno in our shop. It is a Dynocom 6000 with eddy brake. We can simulate 1/8 and 1/4 mile and even simulate circle tracks. We use the best wideband O/2 sensors and with the ability to simulate tracks that allows us to log air/fuel in real conditions instead of just full throttle pulls. Our dyno shop is built to cater too and host groups and clubs of all types. If it will fit on our dyno we will dyno it. We can dyno  anything from 36 inches to 86 inches track width 2wd and Fwd. We can give you a print out of before and after results or put all your logging and tuning on a memory stick. Our software has the ability to post info to your social media. We offer dyno rental by the hour, half day, all day so bring one or bring a group we are here to accommulate groups of all sizes.
                                            Dyno Rental Prices
There is a $200 minimum charge for all dynoing and re-dynoing and re-dyno tuning. Add $100 for wideband A/F logging.
Dynorental is $125 a hour, $300 for 3 hours, and $600 for 8 hours.
                                                      Dyno Rules
The vehicle must be in good mechanical condtion and able to handle mutiple full throttle pulls.
No bald or old tires and we prefer street tires if using slicks they must have at least 30 psi.
The vehicle cannot have any leaks.
No staggered tires they must be the same size on both sides.
Must have a full tank of fuel and the type of fuel you are planning to use. Dont bring a vehicle with 87 octane and want a 93 octane tune.
Plan on bringing a extra set of spark plugs I prefer a couple different heat ranges.
The dyno is for rental and tuning only I dont offer free labor for mechanical or electrical issues.
We will not be held responsible for any mechanical or electrical issues or bricked computers and in the event of a catastrophic failure that contaminates my wideband sensors you will be charged the cost to replace them.