We offer full diesel tuning support for Durmax, Powerstroke and Cummins. We have the tools and software's to offer custom tuning beyond what other tuning companies offer. We have dealers buying our tunes all across the USA, Canada and other countries. So why get stuck having to live with issues because you tuner is selling a tune that they don't have the ability or knowhow to make the required changes to yours or the customers diesel operate properly. We are knowed for offering the best diesel tuning on the market and have dealers and other tuners customer's switching to us for their tuning support simply because they can't get the support we offer else where.

We offer many different tuning options from single tunes to custom switch tuning.

We can deliver our tunes by e-mail or can load them on one of the many different handheld tune devices we sell or you can simply mail us your engine or transmission computer and we will make the requested changes and mail it back to you.

So whatever you diesel tuning needs are we can handle it. So contact us so we can discuss your options