Tuning Information
WhiteHorse Tuning is commited to offer the most complete coverage of domestic vehicles. We have the equipment, software, and knowledge to tune all makes and year models. Offering tuning for models that most other tuning shops dont support.

Harley Davidson tuning is available to our Harley customers we custom tune Harley's for proper fuel mixtures for all your modifications. Remapped timing etc.
Performance gains on Harley's is huge adveraging 9hp 16torque on a stock 103 bike. 

We offer E-Mail tuning to our customers who already own HP Tuners or EFI Live. We offer startup tuning to get you up and running and ready for a dyno tune.
For customers with stock to mild bolt on configurations we offer dyno proven tunes that include free updates for the first month including reviewing data logs and making adjustments needed.
We offer E-Mail tuning for our customers with big power adders too. Contact us for more info and pricing for custom tuning. We offer custom E-Mail tuning but is the customers responsibilty to provide us with proper logging to get everything calibrated correct.
Dont own your own tuning software? Well we offer dyno proven tuning for you too. All you need to do purchase the tuning option you want and mail us your Ecm or Tcm and we will program it and mail it back to you.  Generation 4 will require you to mail us the Ecm and Tcm together if you purchase Tcm tuning as the Tcm has to be programmed in sequence with the Ecm. Please contact us before shipping your Tcm.
We offer start up mail tuning for those trying to get their project running  enough to make it to get the required dyno tune.
All tuning requries a 2 to 3 day turn around time and customers pay the return shipping. We and also do overnight tuning but it is recommended for you to contact us first to make the proper arrangements.
Please download PDF form below and fill out and either mail or E-Mail to [email protected]
Must be filled out and signed before any tuning.